wearable platform designed to increase
warfighter safety & effectiveness

self- charging

Compression from steps power embedded sensors to monitor soldier status and mission critical data. 

remote power

Scavenging energy from soldiers on the move reduces need for energy sustainment in austere locations.


Decreases physical weight of carrying heavy military batteries while improving warfighter capabilities. 


Assess the Seriousness of Emergencies

Reduce Load & Power Demand


Measure Fatigue & Physio Status

Prevent Struck-bys

Improve Situational Awareness

Kinetic energy harvesting devices provide power to the soldier by scavenging energy while on the move….the goal is to develop components that can be integrated into Soldier wearable and man packable applications to reduce quantity of carried batteries.
— Current and Future Thrusts for Dismounted Warrior Power. | Michael T. Brundage | US Army: RDECOM/CERDEC/CP&ID/NDIA Manufacturing Division


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