Smart Innovators: Industrial Wearables on the Rise for EHS Solutions

September 4, 2018 — The report written by independent research company Verdantix, states that industrial firms are increasing budgets for technology, PPE and wearable devices.  EHS managers are actively researching and engaging with vendors about the potential role for wearable devices keeping workers safe with applications such as location monitoring, vital sign checks and enabling support for operations through hands free devices.  Read Smart Innovators: Industrial Wearables

SmartBoots named "Standout Wearable" in Construction Executive  

June 7, 2018 -- "SolePower’s integrated, self-powered device in its footwear provides real time location....This data could identify scheduling conflicts, delays and impacts. Assessing overall productivity by trade and keeping a running log of all activity on site would support claims and provide definitive information for a “measured mile” impact analysis." Read More

Hahna Alexander named one of Pittsburgh's top women in tech

April 25, 2018 -- Pittsburgh, PA “We’re at a unique moment in time when the Internet of Things (which means devices that connect to the internet) can be powered from walking instead of being limited by battery life. We are excited to be testing SmartBoots this spring with companies in the region.” Read More.

NPR's Joe Palca Discusses SmartBoots with SolePower

October 12, 2017 -- Pittsburgh, PA When Hahna Alexander set out to create a shoe that could charge a battery, she had no idea what challenges lay ahead of her. The inventing part went smoothly enough. Like many first-time inventors, she had a good idea and a passion for her work. She successfully invented a shoe that harnesses energy from each step the wearer takes. That energy can be used to charge a battery. Read More

SolePower Partners With SR Max Slip Resistant Footwear Leader

April 3, 2017 -- Pittsburgh, PA a Pittsburgh based start up capturing energy from footsteps is partnering with SR Max/Saf-Gard safety shoes to develop self-charging smart work boots that solve compelling problems in safety and operations. Read More

SolePower Launches Self Powered SmartBoots

February 6, 2017 -- Pittsburgh, PA SolePower is a Pittsburgh based startup proving that portable tech can be powered solely by a person moving. Read More