NPR's Joe Palca Discusses SmartBoots with SolePower

October 12, 2017 -- Pittsburgh, PA When Hahna Alexander set out to create a shoe that could charge a battery, she had no idea what challenges lay ahead of her. The inventing part went smoothly enough. Like many first-time inventors, she had a good idea and a passion for her work. She successfully invented a shoe that harnesses energy from each step the wearer takes. That energy can be used to charge a battery. Read More

SolePower Partners With SR Max Slip Resistant Footwear Leader

April 3, 2017 -- Pittsburgh, PA a Pittsburgh based start up capturing energy from footsteps is partnering with SR Max/Saf-Gard safety shoes to develop self-charging smart work boots that solve compelling problems in safety and operations. Read More

SolePower Launches Self Powered SmartBoots

February 6, 2017 -- Pittsburgh, PA SolePower is a Pittsburgh based startup proving that portable tech can be powered solely by a person moving. Read More