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SolePower Launches Self Powered SmartBoots

February 6, 2017 -- Pittsburgh, PA SolePower is a Pittsburgh based startup led by Hahna Alexander, a passionate entrepreneur and inventor. The company is proving that portable tech can be powered solely by a person moving. Wearables that are self powered can in turn solve compelling problems in safety and efficiency. From helping the military charge a battery while on their feet to reducing accidents by keeping track of workers on job sites, SolePower self sustaining wearables will make people’s lives better.

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"How much oomph is in your stride? Each step you take releases enough energy to light up a bulb, and rather than let it go to waste, SolePower stores the energy as usable electrical power."

IFL Science | Janet Fang

"It's funny how our mobile devices are anything but mobile when they run low on battery. Instead, we're stuck plugging gadgets into a wall outlet and waiting for them to juice up. But now a Pittsburgh, Pa. startup has designed a creative solution for this #FirstWorldProblem that can even help the developing world."

Mashable | Vignesh Ramachandran

"The device has the potential to be a game-changer in places like Kenya, where 84% of the population owns cell phones but only 14% has access to electricity."

Huffington Post | Monica Gray

"The device promises to be an improvement over traditional, hefty power packs as well as solar chargers, which work slowly or not at all, depending on the weather."

Popular Science | Lindsey Kratochwill

"Reasons it’s the greatest time to be alive, number 26: You can charge your phone JUST BY WALKING."

BuzzFeed | Tanner Greenring