The SolePower team has been working night and day to design and build a connected work boot that helps workers be safer and more aware on hazardous sites. Why? Industrial worksites are dangerous and dynamic; the costs of small inefficiencies add up quickly, and big mistakes can result in serious incidents or loss of life. Our vision is that with SmartBoots, industrial and manufacturing sites will be able to reduce incident rates, increase work site visibility, and establish metrics from which workflow and safety improvements can be made. At the core of the system is an Army-tested, patented kinetic charger that uses walking motion to sustainably charge sensors.

Hahna Alexander

CEO & Co-Founder

Cindy Kerr

Commercial Director


Embedded Systems Engineer

Denise Pierosh

Financial Controller

Interested in joining the team? We look for engineers, business developers, and entrepreneurs that are collaborative,  ambitious, and passionate about our technology and our goals. Check out our job openings here. Send your resume and something interesting about yourself to


Ilana Diamond

Director, AlphaLab Gear

Former CEO of Sima Products and Consumer Electronics Board member, Ilana is the Director of AlphaLab Gear, the hardware-focused extension of the nationally ranked AlphaLab accelerator.

Don Morrison

Executive Director, BlueTree Allied Angels

Don is a passionate entrepreneur who has a long history of holding executive roles and taking businesses to higher levels. Examples include: American Eagle, Sundance, and Bear Creek.

Jeffrey McDaniel

Executive in Residence, Innovation Works

Jeff has extensive experience in innovation, corporate strategy, manufacturing and energy technologies, and operations – in both early stage and Fortune 500 companies.

Laura VanValkenburg

Product Marketing Manager, Logitech

Laura has a diverse amount of sales, brand management, and business operations experience that has been acquired through a variety of professional roles.


Oliver Krengel, Washington University
Mechanical Engineering Intern, Summer 2014

Hannah Salinas, Carnegie Mellon University
Industrial Design Intern, Summer 2015

Sachel Sengupta, Carnegie Mellon University
Business Development Intern, Summer 2013

Adam Pinson, Carnegie Mellon University
Electrical Engineering Intern, Summer 2013