Access to portable power is a huge problem across industries and in our daily lives. SolePower's goals are to give a power boost to the electronics that we rely on everyday, and to create "unplugged" new tech that never dies. Portable tech can be powered solely by a person moving, and SolePower is enabling it.

SolePower is supported by the US Army and the National Science Foundation. Our founders are Forbes 30 under 30 in Energy, and demoed twice at the White House for creating technology with a global impact. The patented SolePower EnSoles received the 2014 Invention of the Year Award from Popular Science.

Hahna Alexander

CEO & Founder

Hahna has always been inspired by the technology in science fiction books, shows, and comics. She became an engineer because she wanted to make such technology a reality. For her, developing an energy harvesting shoe insert meant creating a device that could be found in an Isaac Asimov book. She also has a lifelong dream of going to space, which grew bigger while designing robots at NASA. As our CTO, she leads product design and is the only one capable of drawing more than stick figures.

Elliot Kahn

Electrical Engineering

For Elliot, tearing apart and building circuitry stands second only to sailing through open waters. His ambition to be a part of a project that has the potential to make a difference in the world through unique technology led him to SolePower. Today he develops energy harvesting circuits that are making people their own power sources. In addition to being the team’s electrical wizard, he is the only man we trust to get us across Middle Earth’s Dead Marshes.

Ryan Westphal

Mechanical Engineering

Ryan "Don't Call Me James" Westphal has two passions: sweaters and creating products for people. From talking with users to final production, and everything in between, he finds joy in every stage of the product development process. The ability to play a role in making a one of a kind product is what brought Ryan to SolePower. The former founder of a Maker Club at UT Austin is too cool to identify as a hipster but he's the cutting edge on this tech team. 

Cindy Kerr

Commercial Applications

Cindy is a senior marketing leader with experience in a wide variety of industries. Previous experience includes leading social enterprises across Africa, marketing solar lights and irrigation technology that lifts families out of poverty.  After decades away she returned to hometown Pittsburgh and is happy to be part of the innovations shaping the region. She is focused on harnessing SolePower’s unique technology into commercial applications that will make a positive impact for people and the planet.  

Davit Davitian


As a result of too much TV and movie watching, Davit can be blamed for all obscure pop-culture references in SolePower content. Driven by a strong entrepreneurial spirit, he has consistently found himself in the early stages of companies. Always striving to make a positive impact, Davit is helping build a product and brand that will resonate with people. A "medical marvel and natural poet", he can recognize the insignificance of .018 inches and keep things in perspective.

Interested in joining the team? We look for engineers, business developers, and entrepreneurs that are collaborative,  ambitious, and passionate about our technology and our goals. Check out our job openings here. Send your resume and something interesting about yourself to


Ilana Diamond

Director, AlphaLab Gear

Former CEO of Sima Products and Consumer Electronics Board member, Ilana is the Director of AlphaLab Gear, the hardware-focused extension of the nationally ranked AlphaLab accelerator.

Don Morrison

Executive Director, BlueTree Allied Angels

Don is a passionate entrepreneur who has a long history of holding executive roles and taking businesses to higher levels. Examples include: American Eagle, Sundance, and Bear Creek.

Rob Feeney

VP Finance, Paid Precision Casting

Rob is a proven professional with demonstrated successes in entrepreneurial culture, coupled with over 20 years experience ranging from manufacturing, Silicon Valley start-ups and large multi-plant public companies.

Jeffrey McDaniel

Executive in Residence, Innovation Works

Jeff has extensive experience in innovation, corporate strategy, manufacturing and energy technologies, and operations – in both early stage and Fortune 500 companies.

Laura VanValkenburg

Product Marketing Manager, Logitech

Laura has a diverse amount of sales, brand management, and business operations experience that has been acquired through a variety of professional roles.


Oliver Krengel, Washington University
Mechanical Engineering Intern, Summer 2014

Hannah Salinas, Carnegie Mellon University
Industrial Design Intern, Summer 2015

Sachel Sengupta, Carnegie Mellon University
Business Development Intern, Summer 2013

Adam Pinson, Carnegie Mellon University
Electrical Engineering Intern, Summer 2013