SolePower’s self charging smart work boots are embedded with electronics including GPS, motion sensors, IMUs wifi, RFID and lighting.  The data provides invaluable insights for workflow and situational awareness. 


Track workflow and improve situational awareness with real time insights.  Quickly access information that saves time and money. 


Improve situational awareness and visibility for high risk workers and first responders.  Automatic alerts of unsafe environmental conditions and hazards. 


Simplify monitoring and compliance to meet industry regulations and company safety protocols. Use real time data for  incident reports.

...Workplace injuries and illnesses result in an annual loss of over US$220 billion in the US alone... digital technologies like sensors and cameras embedded in a worker’s helmet may be used to detect proximity to hazardous zones, exposure to poisonous gases and even the risk of fatigue, alerting a field worker and the associated supervisor. Radio-frequency identification (RFID) can be used to identify workers when they enter a plant and automatically assign tasks to them over mobile devices.
— Dr. Sanjoy Paul, Global Manufacturing

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