The SolePower EnSolesTM empower you to harness the energy of your steps. 1 hour of walking provides 30 minutes of talk time. Pre-order your EnSoles today to turn your movement into useful electricty. EnSoles pre-orders will be fulfilled in the order they are received starting in winter 2016.

Pair of power generating insoles & battery packs
1hr Walk = 30min Talk
Sizing (US)
Women's Shoes 8 - 16
Men's Shoes 7 - 15
10oz per foot

EnSoles power specifications are estimates and are dependent on weight, walking speed, and gait. Walk to talk ratio assumes the user takes at least 6750 steps in one hour and uses an iPhone 6. EnSoles work best with loose boots or shoes with medium to high backs with removable insoles. The EnSoles are not recommended for users with foot variability such as high arches or flat feet. EnSole pr-orders will be fulfilled in the order they are received, starting in the winter of 2016. Additional shipping costs may be applied at checkout.